Feast of the Farewell – family festival comes to Cheshire

Something quite wonderful is happening in the Whirligig Woods…

Run riot and rough it in style, play wild and feast like kings. Abandon all other plans, cancel swimming club, ditch domestic life and run for the woods! Wild Rumpus has teamed up with fresh air adventurers Canopy to create this boutique, theatrical getaway unlike any other.

 Throughout the course of the weekend you will become part of an intriguing adventure, witness exclusive performances and engage in a myriad of activities. Leave reality at the forest edge and prepare to expect the unexpected. At Feast of the Farewells anything is possible: shadow puppets come to life amongst the trees and the forest transforms before your very eyes. There will be den building, epic treasure hunts for the bold hearted and stories that come in all shapes and sizes. The weekend will culminate in a dramatic, all singing, all dancing raucous feast.

Out-door mayhem, stories and family time are what we do best. So whisk your loved ones up and away to the Whirligig Woods for an unforgettable weekend in our storybook accommodation. Cosy warm beds and hot home cooked meals mean all you have to remember to bring is yourself, your family and your sense of adventure!

DATES: 23-25 May 2014

LOCATION: The Whirligig Woods, Scholar Green, Cheshire ST7 3QJ

REQUIRED: A handful of adventurous families

AGE: Aimed at children aged 6+ though little brothers/sisters can also attend

COST: Adults £160/ Kids £75 (includes accommodation, food and a myriad of enchanting actvities and performances)
WEBSITE: http://feastofthefarewells.moonfruit.com/expedition-details/4583186966



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