Chocolate & Pizza Making – what’s not to love?

Neither of us needed much persuasion to get out of bed on a lazy Easter holiday morning to go make chocolate and pizza.  Our chocolatier Oliver, from Oliver’s Chocolate Parties, had already begun to melt some chocolate as we arrived at Gusto in Knutsford and the smell was dreamy.  Oliver went on to explain where chocolate comes from, how it is made and the children were fascinated.  Then they got down to making chocolate with bags of  melted milk and white chocolate squished into iPhone and duck shaped moulds.  He showed the children how to use both the white and milk chocolate to make patterns.

Of course many fingers were licked and spillages eagerly scooped up.  Everyone had a go at writing their name on a chocolate lolly which was great fun.  Whilst the chocolate was taken to set in the fridge, Stef from Gusto presented the children with pizza bases and a variety of toppings.  Not surprisingly the red onion was left untouched and all the cheese and pineapple disappeared!  Two of the best smells in the work chocolate and pizza had us all hungry and us Mum’s and Grandma’s managed to grab a slice of our children’s pizza fresh from the oven before they disappeared.  Oliver cracked the set chocolate moulds and gave every child their creations in a paper bag with the strict instructions “not to eat it all at once”.  My boys had a chocolate iPhone conversation on the way home in the car before scoffing the lot; sorry Oliver but the handmade creations were just to hard to resist!

More chocolate and pizza parties are planned in the near future so check for details.  Oliver also runs chocolate parties in homes, schools and offices. – @oli_choc_party – – @knutsfordgusto


Pizza Topping Selection
Chocolate Lolly Making




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