Rain Day Craft Ideas

If you are like me and the word ‘craft’ makes you shudder, here is some inspiration for some new ideas for stuff to do; that if I can do so can you.  I love the jar one, even my two boys were impressed and now how one each in their bedrooms!

This jar of beauty will partly make up for the fact that we don’t have lightning bugs in the UK, a source of much envy for us when we watch US based shows showing children chasing these around the garden to place inside jars. This neat little trick is more humane and requires nothing more than a large jar, a packet of glitter and a glow stick. Simply cut off the end of the glow stick and shake its contents into the jar. Add a pack of glitter, screw on the lid, shake well and there you have it- children open mouthed in awe. You will be too. Make sure the lid is VERY well screwed on though and keep away from young children. I have these in mind for my next party. They’l look gorgeous in the lamplight at night.

Fairy Lights Jar

We realise that Shirley Conran was right when she said ‘Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’. But with the 5 a day stretching to 7 a day and not every child wanting to comply with that, we are all open to suggestions that help make life (and child nutrition) easier and more fun. This is super cute and not fiendishly impossible to achieve. Basically if you stick a face on it, it’ll appeal even if your snail is somewhat challenged in the looks department.

Orange Snail

These were quite the thing in 70′s America with every child and teenager having their own pet rock. We saw these sweet little Barbapappa DIY rock characters and instantly fell in love. Tiny tins of non toxic paint can be found in model shops, toys shops and art stores. Then all you need is your imagination! Finish off with a coat of clear sealant and leave to dry for 24 hours.








Amazed by Science! For Free.

Organisers of the Amazed by Science festival have announced the final event programme for their free science festival, happening across Cheshire and Warrington during May half term from Saturday 24th May to Sunday 1st June.
The festival aims to make science fun and exciting for children and their parents, with a focus on attracting young people to the wide range of careers in the field of science and technology. The programme includes a spectacular live Science Show with Air Products at Crewe Lyceum, a strand of bee trails and bee-keeping demonstrations at several venues including Norton Priory, an ‘Amazed By Maths’ coding event sponsored by MBNA at Chester Racecourse for budding digital masterminds; and a chance to meet an Astronomer in your lunch time at Jodrell Bank.

Children being amazed, by science.

To find out more about the free events available, parents are being asked to sign up for alerts and information on the website at http://www.amazedbyscience.com or by following @amazedbyscience on twitter or via the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/amazedbyscience  All festival events are free to attend and what better way to spend time with the family than at a whole list of fantastic attractions across the region.’ Venues involved in the festival include Jodrell Bank, Norton Priory, Daresbury Science Park, Delamere Forest, Chester Zoo, Macclesfield Silk Museum, Warrington Museum, Chester Cathedral, Reaseheath Agricultural College, Tatton Park and the Hack Green Nuclear Bunker.

John Lewis – the best husband and boyfriend ever all rolled into one. Fact.

Mention John Lewis to my bunch of Mum and female friends and they all practically swoon with sheer delight.  Each has a story to tell of how John Lewis has made them happy; from the Mum with children in tow having her lunch carried to a table in cafe by a happy, smiling staff member, who not only carries the try but helps pop the children into high chairs and cracks open the sandwich to placate a grumpy child. Worth its weight in gold!  I am happy to admit that I have been drawn to John Lewis when feeling a bit fed up with life, just to wander the floors and feel inspired, warm and cosy, in the bosom of somewhere and someone who actually cares you are there.  Like any great husband or boyfriend should be, there when you need them the most and with a few delightful surprises thrown in.  I used to take my children to look at the fish behind the Creme De La Mer counter at Cheadle which used to fascinate them.  Did I ever buy any face cream?  No, but it did not matter because the staff always were kind and engaging.  But I did have lunch, buy some cards and a cushion cover because of their dedication to service and understanding.  Here’s to another 150 years.


“Above, Beyond and With Love”, should be their new strapline.

The texture and warmth of the home dept.


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