John Lewis – the best husband and boyfriend ever all rolled into one. Fact.

Mention John Lewis to my bunch of Mum and female friends and they all practically swoon with sheer delight.  Each has a story to tell of how John Lewis has made them happy; from the Mum with children in tow having her lunch carried to a table in cafe by a happy, smiling staff member, who not only carries the try but helps pop the children into high chairs and cracks open the sandwich to placate a grumpy child. Worth its weight in gold!  I am happy to admit that I have been drawn to John Lewis when feeling a bit fed up with life, just to wander the floors and feel inspired, warm and cosy, in the bosom of somewhere and someone who actually cares you are there.  Like any great husband or boyfriend should be, there when you need them the most and with a few delightful surprises thrown in.  I used to take my children to look at the fish behind the Creme De La Mer counter at Cheadle which used to fascinate them.  Did I ever buy any face cream?  No, but it did not matter because the staff always were kind and engaging.  But I did have lunch, buy some cards and a cushion cover because of their dedication to service and understanding.  Here’s to another 150 years.

“Above, Beyond and With Love”, should be their new strapline.

The texture and warmth of the home dept.



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