Netball Anyone?

If I think of netball, I think of being a moody teenager made to be ‘Goal Shooter’ as I was tall, with freezing cold hands and a bossy PE teacher.  This was done at school of course and like most sports done at school in the 1970’s, there were no blinking fun!  Recently I caught up with Marie who recently started the Wythenshaw Netball Club and here is what she had to say.

How did it all start?  Back in August last year I decided I wanted to find a new fitness club, something different, fun and friendly.
I remembered back at school I used to enjoy playing netball with friends. After calling around some sports centres/gyms I found there was no netball sessions local to myself.

What did you do next?  So I decided to created a Facebook page to see if there was any ladies 16+ in my local to Wythenshaw and surrounding areas to form a club/session. The feed back was amazing!  I then contacted local sports centres to see if they had court facilities and availability.

What happened then?  I then contacted various netball clubs via email and facebook, within a few days I received an email from England netball and they were very much interested in helping me find a coach and putting on a ‘Back to netball’ session theses sessions usually only last 6 weeks…our Wednesday session has been running since October 2013.

What happens at  a session? A typical session will start with a warm up, then cover basic skills such as footwork and passing and then a fun match.  All sessions cater for all sporting abilities and fun and laughter is guaranteed!    Sessions are run on a ‘turn up and pay’ basis, we offer discounts to ladies aged 16-19.  Ladies who have attended our sessions have gone onto participating in charity tournaments and even joined leagues.

Why do you think netball is making such a strong comeback?  Our sessions promotes fitness, in a fun and friendly environment, the sessions have also helped ladies gain confidence whilst having fun and keeping kit.

Our future aims are to progress in a league and become affiliated with England Netball,  which will give our club great opportunities to attending training courses/awards and events.

England Netball, also has ‘back to netball’ session in various regions throughout England, I have attached a link to help ladies find their local sessions.


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