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When I first gave birth 12 years ago I did not attend one ante natal class and when my son arrived 5 weeks early I was a bit shocked buy it all! What helped the second time around, seven years ago, was having as much prep as possible beforehand so I felt relaxed, confident and secure about the process and I am glad to say it was a much better experience.  Both my sister in laws are due to give birth this summer, along with three friends so I has a chat with Charlotte from Lazy Daisy Chain on how to get ready for the birth.

Getting the news that you are pregnant is a magical moment but for some the initial excitement is quickly replaced by anxiousness about the upcoming birth and for some this fear is overwhelming:-

  • 20% of pregnant mums feel fearful during pregnancy, especially if it is their first baby
  • 13% of women delay becoming pregnant because of fear
  • 6% of women find this fear disabling, taking over their life

Gory birth stories have become part of urban legend, compounded by episode upon episode of mums wailing like banshees on television documentaries filmed on maternity wards. Speak to some first time pregnant mums and many cannot recall hearing one positive birth story or if they can they don’t believe its content!

I too, was over the moon to find out that I was pregnant but I was terrified of the birth so embarked upon LazyDaisy Birthing classes.

Walking into class for the first time clutching my yoga mat and pillow, I was nervous, expecting a group of women playing the jungle drums guilt tripping newbies into home births and no pain relief!  The women there were in fact, a lovely mix of young and more mature, spiritual and practical, first-time to third-time, warm, friendly, open-minded, non-judgemental and relaxed mums. Some fit, stretchy and bendy and others thankfully more like me not so fit, bendy or at all stretchy. The really relaxed contingent had been attending classes since their 14th week of pregnancy, now addicted to their weekly fix of mum and unborn baby bonding time. The added bonus, they told me was that whilst enjoying this restful time each week and meeting other mums-to-be they were hard-wiring breathing and active birth movements into their subconscious and creating intuitive muscle memory so that body and mind ‘remember’ what to do on the big day.

And relax......
And relax……

The class began and after brief introductions we were guided through gentle movements designed to relieve common pregnancy ailments such as heartburn, restless legs, water retention, and constipation amongst other joys brought on by the major changes at work in our bodies. All the movements were completed to the most relaxing music and were gentle enough to attempt even with pelvic girdle or SPD pain. There followed a brief interlude, the birth education section, where we learnt about the mechanisms and hormones of birth without the obligatory embarrassing birth videos from the 80s that are inflicted on those attending more traditional antenatal classes.

The idea here is that understanding, even if only on a basic level, the stages of labour and how it all works helps remove some of the fear. Following this we were then taken through several practical, easy, active birth breathing techniques and movements which following repetition and practice would become some of our subconscious birthing tool-kit. The final part of the class and the jewel in its crown for most was the relaxation section which combines music and light hypnosis. These last few minutes provided a quiet time in our busy lives to lie down and relax whilst the subconscious is flooded with positivity. Later we rise again feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and birth confident. It was at this stage I realised just why so many of the 3000 attendees across the country keep coming back time after time.

Weekly active ante-natal classes in Cheadle, Heaton Chapel and Wilmslow and private birth and parentcraft workshops in the comfort of your own home.  Click here for more info Lazy Daisy Chain or @daisystockport on twitter finally visit their or 


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