The Hewitt Fertility Centre – Liverpool and Knutsford

My name is Rafet Gazvani, and I’m the lead Fertility Consultant of The Hewitt Fertility Centre’s Knutsford clinic. I’m thrilled to have been asked to introduce the work of The Hewitt Fertility Centre to members of Mumsnet Cheshire.

At the Hewitt Fertility Centre we pride ourselves on giving couples their very best chance of a successful pregnancy. We’ve invested substantially in the very latest technologies to get our success rates to the point where they’re actually as good as any in the world, and certainly the best in the North West. When you consider that we’re also the largest reproductive medicine facility in the country, performing an average of over 3’000 treatment cycles a year, that’s quite an achievement!

We now have clinics both in Liverpool and Knutsford, which means that couples can access our services more easily. The location of the centre in Knutsford also means that couples don’t need to tackle the traffic/parking issues that they would face if they were travelling to a centre in central Manchester. Our patients are the most important thing to us, and so issues like this were considered when we were looking at possible locations for our new centre. We chose the site in Knutsford because it was easily accessible from the motorway, was in a nice and relaxing environment, and there’s plenty of parking.

Because we want the absolute best for our patients, we operate differently to most (if not all) IVF providers in the UK. We offer all of our patients (both NHS and private) the latest in Time-Lapse technology (Embryoscope) as a standard part of their treatment. Most in the industry are agreed that Time-Lapse technology has been the biggest breakthrough in fertility treatment in a decade, and we’re proud to be able to say that we have the largest number of Embryoscope machines than any other unit in Europe, allowing us to offer it to all patients at no extra cost and without the possibility of having to delay treatment. You can view a video about Embryoscope in more detail here.

Couples who are entitled to fertility treatment through the NHS can simply ask their GP to refer them to our services. If you wish to fund your treatment yourself, you can of course contact us directly via telephone (0800 103 2641 for Liverpool, 0800 103 2502 for Knutsford) or by completing our online contact form. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for NHS funding or not, why not check out the quick guide on our website here or you can give our funding officer a call on 0151 702 4464/4481.

Rafet Gazvani and Claire Sweeney Opening the Knutsford Centre
Dr Rafet Gazvani and Claire Sweeney Opening the Knutsford Centre

One of the important things to remember about The Hewitt Fertility Centre, is that we are the Reproductive Medicine arm of Liverpool Women’s Hospital. This means that we are governed by the NHS, one of the largest and most treasured institutions in the world. Everything we say and do needs to fit with the core values of the NHS, meaning we are completely ethical in the way we provide our services. It also means couples who choose The Hewitt Fertility Centre can feel assured that we’ll dedicate ourselves to achieving their dreams. We have some of the most respected experts in the field working for us, and we’re incredibly proud of the service they provide. You can find out more about some of our people here.

We know that it can be a really distressing time when a couple suspects that they may have fertility problems and so we’ve worked with some of our patients to put together our ‘Patient Journey’ tool. This is a step by step guide to what going through fertility treatment with us can involve, which will hopefully remove some of the mystery and fears that you might have.

If you’ve got any questions at all about fertility or IVF, please feel free to give us a call on the numbers above. You can also tweet us @HewittFertility or look us up on Facebook.


Sushi School for Mini Ninjas (yes really!)

If I had told my children we were going to handle and eat raw fish as a fun afternoon, I have no doubt they would have run off screaming to hide in the garden!  Kaitlin, manager at YO! Sushi in Chester had kindly invited me and five Mumsnet Cheshire families to try out a YO! Sushi Mini Ninja party, so I only told them in the car on the way (sneaky).

Mini Ninja's ready to Sushi!
Mini Ninja’s ready to Sushi!
Kieran and Simon from YO! Sushi Chester

It was a wet and windy day in Chester but as soon as you step into the burst of colour and fun that is YO! Sushi we all became excited about what we were about to do  Greeted by Kaitlin and Kieren who showed us to our table and kitted out the children in chef’s hats and gloves, we were all set.  Chef Simon started to tell the children all about sushi, what is was, where it came from, what the various types are called and made of.


Were the children, who were aged from 5 – 12 interested?  Yes!   After rubbing their gloved hands in oil to stop the rice sticking we started to make sushi including ninjamaki, nigiri and gunkan.  I’ve eaten a lot of sushi over the years but had no idea what they were all called and I enjoyed myself.  Watching their expert chefs at work was fascinating, especially when a whole salmon was filleted with a full explanation of which cuts of fish were used for different sushi.  Again, the children were transfixed, especially when he went on to explain where the fish live and how they are looked after.

YO! Sushi
Listening to Chef Simon
Getting to grips with seaweed!


I’d forgotten how fun eating out with children can be at YO! Sushi, bright colours, fun staff and a great menu do encourage you to try new things.  The children loved the chop sticks and mineral water taps on each table, not to mention the miso soup.  I would urge you all to ditch the go-to old faithful of burgers and pizza the next time you fancy eating out and head to YO! Sushi Chester for something new, fresh and fun.

I would definately book a Mini Ninja Party for a birthday or special treat, a hands on good time all round.  A huge thanks to Kaitlin and the team.  Various different sushi school events and classes are available, click here to find out more Mini Ninja Sushi School














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