To the Octopod Peso!

OctonautsIn the 1980’s I must have been on the Corkscrew 50 times as a teenager; so taking my children to Alton Towers and seeing a part of that very same ride as a museum piece at the entrance gates made me feel old.
Captaon Barnacles
We’d been invited to have a go on the new Octonauts roller-coaster and my 8 year old was very excited, my 12 year old less so, he wanted to go on Air and Rita (yikes).

My 8 year has a huge soft spot for Captain Barnacles from Octonauts & was delighted to meet him whilst trying out the new Octonauts rollercoaster, complete with a mist squirting whale & sea bubbles! His verdict? ‘Cute & awesome’  It’s gentle and exciting, even the youngest children will love to have a go.

If you’ve not been to Alton Towers or CBeebiesland I urge you to go, it’s magical and beautiful, fully capturing the joy and delights of CBeebies.  My boys had just the best day; shushhhh, don’t tell anyone but my 12 year old love Octonauts too.  We even managed to lose the car key in the park but a member of staff had found it and handed it in – so relieved & thankful!

So go explore, rescue and protect (and keep your car keys somewhere safe).


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