Nets & trampolining in the Lakes!

Trampolines and nets amongst the trees sounds like a magical dream right? But it’s not; it exists in the Lake District at Brockhole Visitor Centre. It’s hard to imagine and even when you see it, the three 3D look it has is quite hard to wrap your head around.IMG_4069 And bounce! Once you’ve had the brief safety briefing your children (and you if you want) are let loose up into the air.  For parents who wish to keep their feet on terra firma you can wander underneath the nets and try and make more sense of it; whilst looking out for your children as they run, roll, jump and bounce with joy. It’s weird to see your children above your head, but weird in a good way. Endless cheers, screams of delight and laughter are a good indication that a great time is being had by all. The few brave parents who find themselves up amongst the trees have an equally good time, but tend to become the target for one of the many big brightly coloured balls chucked by children other than their own. Complete with two net slides to whizz down to the ground, it’s must-do visit. IMG_4069

Hey Mum!

Very big side nets make it impossible for your children to bounce out! Staff are dotted in and around the nets to help any children (or adults) if they need it. There is a separate area for under 7’s so all children can enjoy themselves. The ticket price covers two hours which is more than enough time to enjoy the full experience, my two came off red faced, sweaty and most of all delighted.   My 13 year old was a bit unimpressed when we got there but his verdict after his two hours? ‘It was epic!’ praise indeed. It’s fun to stand underneath and watch children gazelle like whip along the nets up in the trees. The design compliments the rugged Lake District landscape and the concept is fresh, new fun and exciting and a UK first.  With Tree Top Trek on the same site and only and hour and half or so from Cheshire a day out has never so much bounce in it!


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