Knutsford Literary Society launches!


We’ve just had a chat with the lovely Emma from Knutsford Literary Society which launches March 3rd 2016.  Read on to find our more…..
Where? Corks Out in Knutsford
When? Beginning Thursday 3rd March, from then every first Thursday of every month.
Twitter: @KnutsfordLit
Who are you?
Thank you for the opportunity of being featured on Mumsnet Cheshire.
What to say about myself? My name is Emma Jeffries, I live, work and play in Knutsford. I have a real passion for literature both reading and writing it! Pleasure to be introduced to you all.Why have you started the KLS?
I have wanted to start up The Knutsford Literary Society for a long time, I finally have the time to dedicate to making this a success.
The reasons behind setting KLS up are simple. Firstly, I wanted to join a social group based around reading. I wanted somewhere that reached out to everyone and said, ‘Come, grab a glass of wine and lets have fun whilst sharing our interest in books and literature!” Secondly, I love Knutsford, the community here is a step above the rest, to be involved more so than I currently am was an opportunity I couldn’t turn my back on.

Who should come?
We want to appeal to as many of you as possible. Love reading? Want to meet in a social environment? Then try it! We do ask that all attendants are 18+ due to the nature of some of the books that will be featured and the location of the event.

Do you have to be well read?
Absolutely not. KLS is here both to welcome those who have shelves full of books and those who uncovered one, hidden under their Chirstmas decorations this year! It’s an informal, fun and learning experience for everyone.

Is it a book club?
As we say, ‘More than a book club’. We will have guest authors reading extracts of their books, the book swap shop, a Q&A opportunity and the authors material available to have a glimpse at or even buy. Once we have established ourselves in Knutsford with our monthly meet up’s we will then be running short creative writing courses, again, with published authors. We are more than a book club, we are a society!

What is your favourite book & why?
What a question! How could I choose.
The first book I fell in love with was The Magic Cottage by James Herbert, a brilliant read for all horror and fiction lovers.
Another I adore is How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran, a hilarious view on the 21st century.
Currently I am reading, The Eye Of The World by Robert Jordan, the first in a three part series, not one for people who want a quick read!

Why Knutsford?

Knutsford is a thriving town with a real love for community and the arts, it’s the town that many love and is the natural place to set up The Knutsford Literary Society.
What do you think Elizabeth Gaskell would say about this?
We are bringing books and literature to people throughout Knutsford as they were brought to her during the 1800’s. She fell in love with reading and writing in Knutsford and hopefully our society will do the same for others. I believe if she was in our time she would be pulling up a seat right beside us!

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