Legoland Manchester – is it AWESOME?

Ready for 4D action!

There has always been huge love for Lego in our house, having two sons it is a total no brainer, with many Lego models made over the years still adorning their bedrooms.  So with the Easter hols to fill we jumped into the car and headed to Legoland Discovery Manchester.  I think I was more excited about all the lovely home stores to be found at Barnton Square, but that’s allowed right?  My eldest who is nearly 14 came along somewhat reluctantly as he is not really the target

Building & Racing

range, but my youngest aged 9 couldn’t wait!   After visiting Legoland Windsor you have to be prepared that Legoland Discovery centre is a whole different kettle of fish.  We’d come to see the new Lego Movie 4D Adventure that launched on March 11th.  Seated wearing 3D glasses in this age of virtual reality could seem a little old-fashioned, but as soon as the lights went down the movie started we were into it!  With air and water being felt throughout the movie it was a fun experience.  The Lego Movie was a real hit in our house and to see it brought to life in 4D was fantastic!  This is one of those places you could spend hours just playing with Lego and studying all the great buildings in Miniland including Blackpool Tower, the Lake District and Oblivion at Alton Towers.  The staff were lovely and chatty too, I always think this make a huge difference when staff are engaged and look like they actually enjoy their job.

‘Kiss Me Quick’ at Blackpool Tower

Not to mention a football game you could play by tilting the table. Kingdom Quest with lasers was another firm favourite, even for my teenager!  Miniland always a big hit and reminds you why every single Lego brick is just so awesome.  As was the Lego Build and Test area for making cars and holding races.  The verdict of my youngest was ‘So much mega fun’  the verdict of my somewhat too old teen was ‘it’s not bad’ which is a huge compliment!  Legoland Discovery Manchester can’t help but be loved by those who love Lego and I don’t know anyone who isn’t captivated by those little bricks.  I even bought myself a little Lego Ewok key ring to show my love.

Alton Towers Oblivion

You can hold your birthday party here and there are special nights for adult fans of Lego; something for everyone and who can fault that?

PS: Afterwards I did have a little shop in some of the homestores and bought a very nice fruit bowl from HomeSense!

For full details of opening times and prices click here


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