Bunzilla from Byron – it’s a monster!

Did we run screaming from the big Bunzilla?   Never!  Manchester was packed, not surprised after a rainy morning the sun was out, bright and proud.  We’d come along to the fairly new Byron at the Corn Exchange in Manchester, which is packed full of great places to eat.

The Honeycomb ice-cream is yum

Never one to turn down a challenge we sat ready and waiting to ‘Unleash the beast from the east’ by tying out the new Bunzilla; a 6 ounce hamburger, soy glaze, miso-roasted bacon, crispy onion ring, shredded white cabbage, wasabi mayo and pickled cucumber.  My husband and I got stuck in straight-away, so not scared of this beast.  A burger is just a burger some would say, but you could say that about trousers or a jacket right?  It’s the accessories, the thought and care and just the great idea of how it’s put together that makes the difference.  And the Bunzilla is a burger dressed up for a super-glam night out, with awesome shoes and a killer bag.  Can I just stop you now and say miso-roasted bacon should be the next biggest thing in food, hard to describe just how utterly moreish it is.  It should be on the menu as a regular side to order.    Again white cabbage in a burger, so not weird and just a crunchy delight.  The staff here work their socks off and are very cheery and chatty and I’m sure they’ve all been Bunzilla’d.  It is here I confess the Bunzilla beat me and I could not finish it, unlike my other half who scoffed the lot (such a beast :-)). So much choice when you decide to eat out and you want to feel you are loved and looked after and Byron does this with ease.  The best bit about Byron specials is that for each special bought they provide a school meal for children living in some of the poorest places in the world through the One Feeds Two campaign – www.byronhamburgers/onefeedstwo


Of course the classics are a must on this burger menu, but inject these cheeky-sexy specials and we are hooked.  The specials come and go and I for one am excited about the next one, the ‘Byronaldo’ that features crispy Bovril onions which is something to do with the head chef, football and terrible weather.

Go figure, or go eat it at the very least, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Byron – Corn Exchange Manchester

PS: The children’s milkshakes (from the Mini Byron menu) are bang on the money, freshly prepared with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, banana or Oreo cookie.



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