You have a dirty little secret like me?

I’m almost to embarrassed to show you the ‘before’ picture of my oven.  When was the last time I cleaned it? Errr, well besides the odd wipe now and again I actually can’t remember! It’s used every day so I really should have shown it some care and attention.  Thankfully Ultra Clean Ovens  came to my rescue!  I was quite sceptical, could they really clean up such a vile oven?  But just look at the ‘after’ pics, yes really look, it is the same oven.  What is even more amazing is that no harsh chemicals are used, so children and pets don’t have to be kept away and you can use the oven straight away after the clean.  They don’t use any caustic products at all, they use a professional de-greaser with microbial enzymes to safely digest the dirt and grease.

If you book in August, with your oven clean completed by end September and you mention ‘Mumsnet Cheshire’ you will get a FREE of charge a Teflon oven bottom liner. These liners, heavy duty and rated from 250C, will keep the newly cleaned oven bottom clean, simply take out and pop in the dishwasher or rinsed out in the sink every couple of months. What are you waiting for?

Click here to get you oven sorted!

BEFORE – vile, shameful and grim
AFTER – shiny, clean and like new!








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