Snow Fun at Chill Factore

With thoughts of a (hoped for) long hot Summer on our mind,  ice and snow is the last thing we were thinking about.  So when the Chill Factore called and asked us if we’d like to try out their Snow Park we did hesitate; did we want to be cold?  Of course, I asked my children (two boys aged 10 and 15) and their answer was yes.  I’ve been to the Chill Factore a few times over the years, for ski lessons and to use the snow park, but it had been at least five years since I’d stepped foot inside the place.  We managed to round up a few of my ten-year-old son’s friends and Mums to come and play in the snow.  Poppy was our host who met us at the check-in desk and managed the rabble of excited boys and girls, with snow boots and kit.

The changing room which was just for us was a little hot, but it’s great to have a place for them all to change and leave all belongings securely.  You have to put a coloured bib on over you ski stuff, which is a bit of pain, to be honest, and does restrict your movement a bit.  This is so they can see who belongs to which group, but I think there must be a better way of doing this.

The Mums giving it a go!

As parents, we don’t often get the chance to act like kids and we jumped at it!  My husband’s favourite was the sledging, it reminded him of his childhood sledging up in the hills of Macclesfield.  I especially enjoyed the luge, you just lie back and off you go, twisting and turning not knowing where you are going to end up!

It’s a great taster for young children to give them confidence in the snow and ice; you don’t fall over all the time and even when you fall off, you will be fine!

You can try the donuts, luge (two for children and one for adults) and sledging.  I love the donut and by the end was given a full-power spin by the staff at the top of the hill, much to my sons laughter!  You do think you are going to ping off the end but I promise you won’t.  It’s so much fun watching the others slide down the snow, listening to the cries o delight!

After just under an hours fun on the snow park we were hot and puffed out.  We opted to have pizza at Pizza Della Piste; the family meal deal £30 for two large pizzas, one garlic bread and four drinks, oh and some chips.  Huge portions, steaming hot and very tasty.  There are lots of other places to drink, opt for coffee at Costa or a full dinner at Nando’s.


The lovely Polly & the rowdy boys


It’s great to have this wonderful place on our doorstep, and you can see it from miles around peeking out from right near the Trafford Centre.  If you have not been for a while it’s worth the trip, there are lots of things going on for all ages including ladies only sessions, lessons for all, snow camps, parties and taster days.  And by the time we’d finished, we were not cold, in fact, we were roasting.

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