Zooming round Delamere!

Tom Cruise said it, ‘I feel the need for speed!’  and this could be our family motto, so walking is not something favoured by my family.  We are sporty with swimming, rugby, cricket, cycling and football done regularly, but walking is seen as, to quote, ‘boring’.  I do occasionally drag them on a walk, Shuttlingsloe in Macclesfield Forest was the most recent and they did enjoy that.  So when I mentioned Delamere Forest over the half-term there were cries of ‘not a walk!’ but I was plesed to inform them it was Segway – “woo hoo, wicked was their response.

I know some cool companies, such as Facebook and Google, use Segway to go about thier business and after trying them out at Go Ape we all should have them.  Josh was our guide and carefully talked us through all the safety and users details, you have to sign a detailed waiver for you and your children, so do read this carefully before you sign. Thankfully you get to have a practice on a little figure of 8 track on a slope.  My boys went first and of course got it straight away, me and my husband were a little more cautious as we tentatively made out way round the practice track.

Once you get the hang of it, which takes no more than 10 minutes, you are away and it feels amazing, weird, but amazing.  You are moving, but you legs or feet are not moving, so it takes a while for your brain to compute.  We all found that our feet hurt by the end of it, in different ways, my insteps were killing me!  But so worth it.  Apperently dogs are a little freaked-out by humans whizzing through the forest and you are taught to slow down near dogs, and of course other people.

In training & half way round


There is a training mode to get you started, so you can’t zoom off into the woods at a wreckless top speed!  Once you’ve mastered the training section, and gone a little further into the woods you are taken off trainig mode and you can put your feet down.  15 mph is the max and we averged about 10 and that felt fast enougt quite frankly!  If you were to come off at that speed and hit and tree you could do some damage and you do wear a securely fitted helmet.


You follow the instructor, Josh, in single file throughtout your session, stopping now and then for him to give further instruction about going up and down hill and around corners.  I was totally convinced I was going to facepalm, by leaning too far forwards but it’s impossible we were all told.

I did fall off, but only when we were staitionery and I hadn’t followed the instructions, but I was totally fine.   Josh was there to help me thank goodness!  It was a lovely afternoon whizzing through the lush dense forest, weaving gently in an out of the paths avoiding holes and puddles.  We took turns in our positions following Josh and to see your children having such a great time, mastering a new skill, is so heartwarming.  To me, life is all about experiences, big and small, and we all really enjoyed it and would definately do it again.    I could do with one now just to pop out to the shops, maybe it’s the future for helping with future public transport.  Huge thanks to Josh who was a great guide, and made us all feel secure and comfortale.

Go Ape at Delamere Forest has so much for families to try, not to mentioned you can go just for a walk.  Segway is a great way to cover more gound and see bits of the forest you have not seen before.  You can find out more about the details here  take a look at the short film all about it. Book you Segway adventure soon.


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