LOLL – all the way into Summer!


We’ve just had the hottest day on record in the UK for 42 years, 33.4 degrees!  It was so darn hot and what to wear for work and the home was a tough one, let alone exercise.  Swimming is my thing, always has been.  I swim to relax, I swim to destress and cool down.  I like the fact it’s just me and no one else, no one can even talk to me.  This is the way I like it.  But what I have never found is the perfect towel or thing to wear once I some out of the pool.  I like to have a little sit down afterwards, to read or just rest my eyes.


Life is busy with children, and working parents and these times are essential to keep equilibrium.  A regular towel is too bulky and makes you too hot after a swim, plus of course, it doesn’t stay on!  There are a few towelling are the-like on the market, but again too hot and bulky to wear or use, not to mentioned too big to fit into your bag.

At last, I think I have found my answer in a LOLL towel, you wear it like a poncho and unzip it like a towel.  Made in Oz, ‘Down Under’ is where you’d expect some of the best beach/hot weather solutions to come from.   It’s shorter in the front and longer in the back which gives it a stylish edge.  With a comfy, big hood to pop up if the sun/the wind get too much.  I’m taking mine to Portugal on our family holiday in August, it will be perfect and will take up hardly any room in the suitcase.

As us Brits know only too well Summer starts when schools close mid to end of July, and as in the past few years has lasted long into September, the loved and long for Indian summer.  Your Loll Pocho will see you through all this, I can’t wait to wear mine on the beaches of the Algarve, I’ll post some pics!

Side zip detail

It comes in lots of different styles and colours to choose from, with a handy internal front pocket for bits and bobs.   You can where it, unzip it, lie on it and is made from 100% cotton with plastic zips, so they won’t rust.  Other colours include Choppy Ocean, Ocean Waves and Black.

Although based in Oz they will ship to you anywhere in the world for one flat rate.   £42 per poncho. Contact them for more details right here

LOLL Ladies Down Under

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