High how high & low can you go?

More adrenaline for us this half term with a visit to the newly opened Freedome Arial Park at Cheshire Oaks, right next to the cinema.  There are a fair few of these trampoline parks popping us across the UK, so what makes this one different?  Besides the large area of trampolines to bounce on, there are four other areas to have a go on.

Main bounce area

Slam dunk basketball x2 / Obstacle course x2 / A flip area – not sure how else to describe this; you just bounce yourself into a huge inflatable mat / Dodge ball – not open when went.  So lots to choose from.  You get two hours and a large sticker, to put on your top, displaying your start and finish times.  I popped on my socks with the grippers and off I went with my boys to get bouncing.  I’d thought ahead and put on my sports bra so I was good to go!  It’s been a while since I trampolined so I was a bit cautious, but you know it was great; rherapeutic even, the up and down and the up and down, makes your feel kind of tranquil.  Of course my boys bounced faster and higher than me and thought the site of me bouncing was hilarious; the cheek!


I also loved the very loud house style music they blast out, try bouncing in time to that!   Next to try was the obstacle course, of which there are two, one for the younger children and one for older children and adults.  Both quite tricky and enormous fun, think Ninja Warrior on ITV.  There are lots of staff to keep an eye on your children as they attempt the various things, but of course with all places like this it is really up to you to decide if your children are capable.  In face, once you have resisted on the computer, you have to read ALL the safety details and have to answer one question about them, get it right, you are but get it wrong and you have to try again.

It’s not huge which makes it easy to move around, at first I thought we wouldn’t last two hours, but we did grabbing a breather now and again. There is an on site cafe where you can sit and overlook the bouncers and enjoy an iced slush to cool down.  I had a look around and it was I’d it say 70% boys, not sure why!

There are also separate areas for children’s parties, up near the cafe on another level where you can enjoy a slush and cool off watch the other bouncers.  As well as a whole host of classes and activities for adults to try.  This is what I think sets this park apart from the img_0847others, the website is slick and cool and this matches the look and feel of the place.  The staff don’t stand around looking bored, they help and join in.  My eldest was desperate for a full on slam-dunk and was so nearly there so many times, so one of the staff gave him a few pointers and in the net it went!  There are loads of great classes, dodgeball and other stuff for adults to try.  Think this place is just for kids think again.  This is the new way to work up a sweat, just remember your sports bra!

One tiny moan thing, more lockers are needed for you to put your stuff in.

Find out more details Freedome Arial Park





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